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Nov 27 2017, 10:07 PM
So I have a Harry Potter RPG site, Hogwarts Revolution, that's currently in revamp mode. I'm basically in the process of changing the images on the site from Photobucket, due to the whole payment issue they decided to bombard us all with so we can see our images. I have a couple of staff members left, but some of them have left, making the revamp take even longer.

Therefore, the site is starting from scratch in some ways. But while the rest of the revamp is taking place, now would be a good time to rebuild the staff team and host a couple of meetings to get to know one another, come up with a new plot, determine who moderates what, etc.

If you're interested in helping moderate, reply here or email me at this email address:

It's a temporary email address that I set up just for this purpose. I would be curious to know if you've had any previous experience and anything you're particularly good, like creating plots/story ideas, good at graphics, whatever you consider to fall into this category. This is just because it's helpful to know, it doesn't mean I will turn down your offer!

Thanks for any interest and I look forward to meeting new people. Btw, I am looking for quite a few new staff members, so if you see someone has responded, don't let that keep you from expressing interest!

Two requirements I have: Decent spelling/grammar abilities (gotta lead by example, after all) and good activity (I don't mean every day activity, but at least an hour or two a couple of times a week). Though I'm not opposed to every day activity, lol. Hope to see you on the flip side! smile.gif

Once we've talked, you can create a temporary account on the website and i'll sort it into a member group that has been set to allow a person in that group to see the offline board.
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Nov 28 2017, 02:05 PM

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