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Nov 3 2016, 02:12 AM
Hey all!

I was looking at buying premium for my site, and as it is an RP forum, buying a year in advance is in some cases bad luck from what I've heard depending on what the source material is and how popular said subject matter is.

So what I was wondering was if I were to pay monthly for the service, is there a monthly renewal option (Yeah, I know it will cost more in the long run) so that it will automatically bill my bank card used each month to maintain it and cancel it if worst case scenario happens and my forum ends up closing and I set the board to off-line? What i mean is that if I paid for a year of Premium and my member base is only interested in staying for a few months and leave, then there wouldn't be like several months of premium remaining on the plan).

Also, I trust the monthly service covers the 31 day months that happen on some months in the year or are they 30 day paid time only? If they are only a 30 day, then I would hope the grace period would allow a day or two tops to have the forum renewed for another month of Premium.

Sorry to ask so many questions. Buying Premium for my forum and Cbox is literally the absolute LAST thing I wanted to do in order to launch it to open advertising and such.
Oct 14 2016, 06:00 AM
Hey. I started an RP Forum a while ago and have been slowly putting it together while RPing on other boards for a while, so I am looking around to find the things I need and try to re-teach myself how to use the ACP and how to handle coding for things.

Totally forgot I registered with this name a while ago until recently when I looked here looking for a few things I need for my forum.

But anyway, hello ladies and gentlemen. Just registered with this name so I would remember it easier, but call me Chris if you want, as it is weird to be called by my forum's name. tongue.gif
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