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 Staff Search!, Deadline: September 1, 2015
 Posted: Aug 9 2015, 06:41 PM

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Missouri, USA

Staff Search!
New Moderator Positions Open!
Moderator Responsibilities
We have several Moderator positions available at this time and are now accepting applications for these positions. However to fill one of these positions you must meet the requirements listed below, as well as be active on this forum. New members will be considered however active members will get greater consideration due to their longer dedication to the forum and the community here.
  • All Moderators must log on to the forum frequently throughout the day most days of the week, unless for some reason they have notified one of the Administrators they will be absent.
  • Moderators must be polite and courteous to users both on this forum and off, because you behavior becomes associated with Jcink Forum Hosting Services and people will judge you and the service off of it.
  • Moderators must attempt to help members to the best of their abilities in their areas.
  • Moderators must report to the Administrators any issues they may have with anything immediately so it may be resolved, this goes for other members, staff, etc.
  • Moderators must have an advanced level of understanding in the area they Moderate, if it is found out they do not or they falsified facts that they did then they will be removed.
  • All Moderators also help plan site wide events and contests for prizes, as well as to promote a sense of community and add more fun to the forum.
  • All Moderators must maintain and update a tracker of the duties performed during the month.
Positions Available
The following positions are available, if there is a number in parenthesis next to the title, that indicates how many Moderator positions of that type are available. In addition a description of the responsibilities of the position is given so all applying are aware of what is required of that type of Moderator. If you wish to be in one of the moderator positions not listed such as Graphics, Skinning, Coding, Writing, etc then please note it on your application and you will be considered for this as well.

If you wish to apply for more than one position only submit one applications and please note your first, second, etc. choices in the other of preference.

Also we will consider new members here with experience elsewhere, but note I will check the other forums you list as a reference as I do keep in touch with a majority of the most popular resource sites Admins.

Community Moderators (2)
    Community Moderators are responsible for welcoming new members, and keeping the community areas of the forum neat and clean by making sure topics are posted for discussion in all areas of the forum. This means they keep an eye out for topics in the wrong places and greet and help new members find anything they may need. Community Moderators are also responsible for posting in the chatbox and answering questions guests may have before joining. Members who are active will be accepted for this position before others who do not show high activity levels.
Graphics Moderators (2)
    Graphics Moderators maintain all of the graphics areas around the forums including but not limited to Graphics Discussion and Support, as well as Graphics Submissions, Graphics Tutorials, and challenges. In addition the graphics moderators also post new graphics collection topics weekly for members to participate in. Members who apply for these positions must have a gallery posted or examples of their most recent work.
Writing Moderator
    Writing Moderators are responsible for all of the Writing areas, this includes the forum discussion areas, as well as the Guides area, the Prompt Collection, and challenges. They are expected to participate in discussions and provide critiques and writing support for other members. Writing Moderators should also have their own galleries set up with their writing and be willing to submit Guides, and their own work to the numerous collections.
Skinning Moderators (2)
    Skinning Moderators are responsible for all Skinning areas of the site, including the skinning support and discussion areas down to the challenges areas. They should be frequently on providing support to members with issue with their skins or simple coding for their skins as well as have submitted skins to the Skin Gallery. Skinning Moderators however do not approve skins into the skinning gallery, this is done by the Administrators with John getting final say as a certain level of quality is expected of skins in the gallery. Only experienced skinners will be accepted for this position.
Coding Moderators (2)
    Coding Moderators are responsible for all of the Coding areas, from the discussion and support areas on down to posting new coding and template challenges. They are also responsible for checking to make sure codes are current and working in the Code Index, as well as making sure codes work before being accepted into the Index. Coding Moderators should have submitted codes or templates to the Index themselves and be available to give support on codes an templates for other members. Only experienced coders will be accepted for this position.
Application Form
Below is the application to apply for one of the open Moderator positions, please fill out all fields for the position you're applying for and PM the application to Crystal or John by the deadline.
[b]Join Date:[/b]
[b]Position Desired:[/b] Community, Graphics, Coding, Skinning, Writing
[b]Example Work:[/b] Must provide three (3) examples of Graphics for a Graphics Moderator, Codes or Templates for Coding Moderator, Skins for Skinning Moderator, or Writing pieces for Writing Moderator. For Community Moderators please provide a welcome posting example for a brand new member.
[b]Why do you want this position?:[/b]
[b]Anything else?:[/b]
Applications Due By:
September 1, 2015 - Midnight C.M.T.


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